Anyone from the old days of wc2?

I played on cases ladder and around other leagues like aowl and irc. from 1995-1998


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I’m currently just playing from scratch, on the whole I’ve noticed that fewer and fewer people appreciate the opportunity to revisit such classics, which is a shame. Of course the orc campaign, which in my opinion is one of the best when it comes to this part of WoW.

Pretty sure I used to play with you.

IIRC you were very good at towering everyone :slight_smile:

Played this when I was a kid! used to do BGHS is multiplayer available?

Mad-Luster77, if anyone recognizes that name. Yes, Thiz, multiplayer is available. Unfortunately, people like me and most others struggle to log in, or are unable to play when they do manage to log in. This game could have received a lot of support already if things worked a little better than they do. The fact that this game isn’t remastered yet is a huge over-site by Blizzard. The multiplayer is better than any other game ever released by Blizzard.

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