Any players still play D1?

Any hardcore D1 Players still play?


I do
Just reinstalled starting fresh.
Whats your name on there

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Yes. I’ve been playing since 1996 and I’m not stopping.

I hop on at least once a month, host a game, and see if anyone shows up. I’ve met some great long-time fans that way. If you ever want to play, let me know.

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Could I join? I bought from GOG and played Solo with Warrior, and was an extraordinary experience, then I played LAN with my son and notice have less Quest to play, and I’m curious to play


I also bought the D1 from GOG for me and my mother too. She has original D1 and we both have original D2.

I would buy a D2R if she could play at home off the internet. She is out of state and plays at home since her internet is now too slow.

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Funny you should ask. Just found all my copies D1 and D2.
Was looking to find where to register D2 on During install throwing a d2data.mpq error.

lol this game was so bad at security you could dupe any item just with one click of a potion

Just watched the Lord of Darkness squirt blood from it’s chest last night. Beat the classic again. Purchased it through GOG during this past July played here and there in binge sessions. I will have to keep starting a new game with the same character to improve the method of killing Diablo.

Fun stuff.

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Where does a person go online to play the original Diablo game? is still up for the original Diablo. You can hop on, make a game, and play with others if anyone joins.

If you got the GOG version, then your copy is already set to connect to the “Global” gateway, which is what you want to connect to. Older retail copies of the game running the 1.09 patch will still have the old gateway options of US East, US West, etc–which were shutdown (I believe) when the license went to GOG. You can modify those retail installations to join the Global gateway though, if you are in that situation.

Either way, when you log onto for the first time, you will most likely get an error message in red that says you can join chat, but not play games. Just go back to the main menu and then log into again. This time the error will not pop up, and you will be set. You can make games, join other games, use the old chat system, add friends, etc. Same as 1996–just a lot emptier!

I had to disable the Logitech’s logi.exe (Logi Bolt), it was supposedly causing the text to disappear inside. I was able to get in at one point and see that there was nobody online playing, I saw one other name in one of the other servers then left.