[Android] Battle.net mobile app "Still connecting..." bug

Since the authenticator app was phased out, I have been unable to access the Battle.net app. When it first prompted me that the feature would be rolled into the Battle.net app, I tried launching it, and it wouldn’t connect. It just traps me in a loop where it loads and says “Still connecting…” and never progresses. I thought nothing of it at the time, thinking I would just need to reinstall the app at some point in the near future.

Now that the authenticator app has officially been retired, I have tried everything to get the Battle.net app to work. I have reinstalled several times, restarted my phone multiple times in several ways, tried on several networks, tried clearing the cache and storage, all the usual things. I have been unable to find a post about this specific issue on the forums or FAQs, and eventually opened a ticket where customer support told me to make a threat here.

I am fortunate that I had logged in not too long ago and didn’t need to authenticate my login, otherwise, I would’ve never been able to speak up. Is there a fix to this issue yet? My phone is a OnePlus 6T running OxygenOS version on Android 11.


i get the same on S7 Edge just sits on still connecting and ive reinstalled ect ect :frowning:

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having the same issue on a brand new iphone 14. the app simply wont connect. just sits and spins on “connecting” the whole time, with no setup completion in sight. i’ve done all the cache clearing, deletion and reinstalling, phone restarts, and nothing fixes it.

writing it off as something on blizzards end.

iPhone 13, the same issue - stuck in “Connecting…”