Ampipoo - Infinite Loading on News Feed


 I'm having a similar issue. I'm logged into app....but there are no feeds on any of the game pages(just continues to show the loading icon)….I can't change my status from appearing offline, even though I am online....all the games work and the ingame friends list seems to function normally, but I've had random issues with the app, where there are no feeds just the loading symbol, can't get off from appearing offline(tried logging in and out and it does the same thing. 
 I'm connected to the Americas servers, I'm running windows 10, and a monitor with resolution 3440x1440, incase any of this info helps.

Hey there! I moved you over to a new thread. The issue is different from the “Go online” issue since the other one was connection related issues for the European region.

With the news feed having just the loading symbol and the behavior with Appear Offline, a security application or something could be blocking the connection to the feed. It could also be due to file corruption or a connection issue to the feed itself.

There’s a few suggestions to address some of these concerns.

  1. Troubleshoot security applications.
  2. Uninstall the Blizzard Application, and delete the cache and tools folders, then reinstall the Blizzard Application.
  3. Try a New Admin account.
  4. Test an alternative connection.

If it continues, could you gather Log Goblin files and send them over to under the subject: [3629] ATTN: Caterpepi?

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