Add Regional Pricing to LAN Colombia Etc

Since we can’t use foreign credit cards in the Argentinian Store now make it so we have prices that are fair . Brazil pays 5 usd Argentina 3usd Colombia we pay 15 usd and in dollars not COP.

Please blizzard be fair so I can resubscribe .

Argentina Battle net Accounts Payment Policy Change

Heads up blizzard just change their policy and all cards not in Argentinian Currency are now being declined. Ive been in contact with support I live in South America just my country forces me to pay 15$ ( I cant afford this )a month unlike in Argentina the only country in South America that offers fair prices to us natives. So my account is Argentinean and i was supposed to move to Argentina before the pandemic started.

" GM ---------here hunter extraordinaire spec’d into hunting down problems ! Thanks for contacting us back, Due to new payment regulations that came in 2 days ago its been causing problems for any card trying to make ARS payments unless they are native to that Currency, this is not something we are able to bypass ourselves so if you are using your own bank account you should be fine for payments :slight_smile: "

I hope blizzard finds a solution since for many of us legit players from LAN this is the only way we can afford to play wow since 15$ a month is too much money for the LAN community.

I tried with 5 Diffrent Credit card 4 Visa and one mastercard.

The silliest part of this is that the other payment method they accept is PAYU which is the method that allows u to pay with the currency of the specific country only for example Rappipay which u print out a receipt and go and pay in ARS or with PAYU with an Argentinan Credit or Debit Card.

TLDR u cant pay with a credit card Argentinan Blizzard accounts anymore . My brother payed for a faction change 2 days ago but he wont know if his card will be declined next subscription iam out of luck since mine ended 2 days ago i also tried his card did not work. Blizzard please take my money