Activity notifications appearing in the wrong place on screen

Recent issue; only started happening the last few days. Whenever I get an activity popup (friend coming on/offline, game finishes downloading, whatever) it appears nearish the middle of the screen rather than in the bottom corner. Possibly of note is that I’m using a 1440p monitor rather than 1080, and the place where the notification appears kind of looks like it could be where the notification should appear on a 1080p (assuming you’re ‘anchored’ to the top left of the screen). That said, I’ve had this monitor for a while, and the notifications have appeared correctly for most of its lifespan.

I’ve seen this happen as well, although I was able to fix it either by restarting the app or restarting my PC(can’t remember which,) it was definitely very strange.
Of note, when it was happening, and I right-clicked the icon in the system tray, the pop-up menu would also appear “anchored” in the middle of the screen where the activity notifications were showing up. Definitely seems related to resolution.

Same thing… What is this?

how to fix this someone know ?

Also experiencing this in WoW ever since a few days ago. No options to move it in the UI settings.

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Same thing happening here. also using a 1440p monitor (3440x1440)