Activision Robbed Me

EDIT: Lol so for some strange reason I literally got my CoD points my first login after this post was made, but I sadly don’t have a solution for anyone else, sorry.

Alright so first off I’d just like to say that yes, I have seen the post saying Blizzard can’t do much with in-game issues for Call of Duty, but I’m having an issue with a purchase so I thought that might be something they still have a say in. Anyways, it’s been like two or three weeks since this happened :frowning: but I have bought two $20 bundles of CoD points and haven’t gotten a SINGLE bit of it since. I’ve tried to get through to Activision support, which sucks, and have had no dice. I haven’t gotten any help from their forums either sadly, so I was wondering if anybody here has a solution or idea or even knowledge on whether or not Blizzard can do something since I made the purchase through my Blizzard account. Any help would be appreciated and if anybody has a similar problem I’ll do what I can to let them know if I get a solution. Thanks!

Actovision support for cod is ridicculous. Its like talking to hand because only people here is some bots whose only solution is either update drivers or reinstall game or os. Even most retarded person would do these steps before contacting support. I really hate degeneration of services and general low iq of most people (if this helps). But most likely its just greedines.


Howdy Swirlyfoot65,

It looks like the last few purchases have completed and you can find your order history here. We don’t have any way to see what happened to these Call of Duty Points in game though. Please contact Activision Support for assistance with investigating these issues.