Activision Account Details Changed

My email was not changed but it’s like someone took over my account, changed my name, and started playing as me. Now my name and # are different and I cant get help from Activision because they want to wash their hands of the issue. Please someone help!

you should have told them about your real name in the first place, Secondly, it’s against tos to not and they at that point you are at fault gl with your new account.

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Limitations with Blizzard Support for Activision titles.
In regards to Warzone, we only handle the distribution of the game client for Activision. We will assist with anything related to the desktop application and anything with the game client that involves purchasing, activating, downloading/installing and launching. Anything that occurs after you can press the play button is going to be addressed the Activision support portal: Support Options | Activision Support

We cannot assist with any Activision account issues and even for Blizzard account issues this forum cannot offer direct support as it is for technical issues involving the Blizzard Desktop Application.

If you are experiencing a account specific issue then you can use the blizzard support portal to work on that particular problem. Simply click the support button at the top of the site then follow the prompts to describe your issue and see the potential solutions.