Achievement criteria for Toying Around not showing correct amount

Hello! This has been an on-going report I’ve gotten from my users, and it looks like something changed recently to increase the number of occurrences.

The achievement “Toying Around” with id=9670, along with all the other toybox-related achievements, reports the number of toys collected as a child_criteria. For several users of my site, we just recently started noticing this number is reporting 635 toys, which is higher than shown in their toybox, and higher than what seems achievable in game.

One example API call:


Pull out the achievement with id=9670

"id": 9670,
"achievement": {
  "key": {
    "href": ""
  "name": "Toying Around",
  "id": 9670
"criteria": {
  "id": 40727,
  "is_completed": true,
  "child_criteria": [
      "id": 40728,
      "amount": 635,
      "is_completed": true
"completed_timestamp": 1415807040000

I see 4 users with 635 being reported, and 1 user with 632, which all seem to be too high. And although these users seem to be the extreme, other users are reporting their numbers are higher than what they see in-game as well. We’ve bounced around several guesses as to why this is happening, but I don’t want to speculate and just wanted to report the issue as something definitely seems wrong.

As a side note, I do recognize I’m relying on the criteria to keep counting after the achievement is completed. This is the only way I can currently get the number of toys users have. It would be much preferred if we had an API for the toybox, though I know that would be much more work. Thank you!


Adding API for toys would be really great. Come on Blizzard, you can do it!


Toy API would be nice to have, doesn’t make sense why there isn’t one to be honest.