Account sudden closure

I have a an alt account where i play overwatch, when i created the account i just used a random mail, that doesnt exist. Later I decided to change that mail for another now, a legit one this time, but after 1 day of the changes my account, got banned, i received an email saying:

Action(s) Taken: Account Closure

Recent activity shows your account may be compromised. We disabled this account to protect your privacy and prevent further damage.

We recommend checking our Securing a Blizzard Account article for suggestions to make it harder for someone to compromise your account.

Blizzard Entertainment reserves the right to terminate your access to the account, with or without warning, as noted in the Blizzard End User License Agreement

I dont know what to do, I cant access the account, keeps saying " Account banned" at the log in page.

I sent a ticket to the support, but I didnt get a response in 2 days now.

Issue ID: #82259130


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Account issues are never handled over the forum. You need to discuss it via the ticket system. That’s it. There are no other options.

if my account has been banned, how long will my tempo be banned for me to play again

Discussing account actions isn’t permitted on the forum. Refer to the advice I provided in my last reply.