Account Security - Login history does not include attempts with correct password

Support site feedback was currently the most appropriate category available to select, but this is just the regular website.

As the title states, under “security” on my Blizzard account, it shows the login history, of the last places and times I had logged in to my blizzard account. It does not show login attempts with a correct password to my account. It would be very helpful if it did!

Earlier today there was an attempt to login to my account, the attacker had the correct password, but was stopped from logging in because they did not have the security code which was emailed to me. In this situation, the most important question to me was, Where? was the attack coming from? if it was an attempt from somewhere near me then it might be someone using a computer I had logged into in the past. But if it is out of the country, then the hacker is random to me. It would very helpful to see these attempts(with correct passwords used) listed on the account security login history. If the development team could add this, I would be very grateful.

To find out in my scenario I had to contact support, who was able to access the information and let me know where the attempt came from. Enabling users to see these attempts will allow the support team to help solve other problems.

Let me know if you’d like any more information or feedback, or if there is a more applicable category for this request