Account no longer exists

hello my account email no longer exists could not log in. so I decided to make the email again and it is a complete new account. I tried to make a ticket but support page ticket does not work. I was also using autheticators within my email account too for added security and here I go to log in and play and my account just… no longer exists?

been playing cod warzone and cant log in there or any blizzard services so I had to make a “new” account but with this same email?

my battlenet account is Glex#1517 but it somehow got detached from my main email adress?

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Looks like your old account may have been compromised. We’re aware of the ticket submission issues right now. Because of the nature of this issue, I can’t help you with it over the forums unfortunately, because it requires us to verify account data we can’t take here. That’s a privacy/security thing.

Hang tight for us and check back in a bit on the ticket system, please. When the ticket system comes back up you can send this info to us and we can help you out at that point.

yea looks like i managed to link it to activision just to play warzone again but all my games are gone I would need to relink. How does an account simply cease to exist? I do have a log in at 4:10 am and it was not me I was out at work on a different pc. how is he able to also able to auth on a new location? through my email? man I am unlucky as tickets also don’t seem to work.

It’s not that the account stopped existing. As far as I can tell, someone else took control of it. You’ll want to follow our compromise checklist while you wait for us to fix ticket submissions. We’ve already locked up the account to prevent further damages until you get in touch with us once we fix the ticket system.

That’s as much info as I can share on the forums. Our agents should be able to provide more info once you get ahold of us via ticket.


Looks like the ticket system isn’t completely busted - just parts of it. Can you use this leaflet to submit your ticket? It should let you get in touch.

hey thanks for locking up the account. the leaflet doesn’t work for me.


Did you ever get this resolved? The ticket submission issues from earlier are fixed on our end now. If you still have problems, clear your browser cache/cookies and temporarily disable any browsing scripts/addons you’re using and give it another go.

No I have not gotten it resolved yet, I will try fix my cache and addons. also someone is trying to access my remade account again at 1:41 AM PST someone really is trying to break in even though it is already compromised? give me a few to see if it is browser related but leaflet doesn’t work for me at the moment.

okay made a ticket now. hope things move forward.

Perfect. Because of the nature of this issue, you’ll need to continue working through tickets to make sure we’re keeping your account and privacy secure. Good luck, and if you run into any other technical issues, let us know.

I’m having the same issue where my email was no longer used for my account. Simone hijacked my account and changed the login info and account info. It was under the email that I currently am using right now but the account couldn’t be found

I lost my games, my purchases, everything…


You will need to contact Blizzard Support – account issues cannot be resolved on the forums. See my post here:

Exact same here. I was playing CoD CW just fine Friday night, logged off and got back on Saturday and got that “account not found” message. I made a new account, bought game AGAIN and got shadow banned/temporary ban or whatever because i could only join dead lobbies waiting for several hours for a match.(2nd account on saturday)
Both “bans” were out of no where.
Best of luck to all of you legit players out there!