Account missing overwatch license

I’ve recently downloaded overwatch onto my PC, i previously bought it several months before via PS4 and its worked perfectly fine there. I can download the game on my PC, and it says in my account management that i have the license, but whenever i try and connect/login to the game it says im missing the license, how can i fix this?


The game is not cross platform when you purchase it. Meaning you would need to purchase the game for PS4(Which you have done) and then again for PC if you wish to play on PC. The Account Manager page is only talking about access such as if the account is banned/suspended. (I’ve forwarded feedback about this confusion up.) You maybe able to download the game if you ever played the free to play weekend. Checking your account you do not own the game on PC at least for this account you are posting on. No order history or license which is what actually gives you access to the game.


Can you tell me if I have it on my laptop?

Hi there meat.

Nobody on the internet can see what is on your laptop. If you have Overwatch you would be able to see that yourself.

At the top of the website on the right click the down arrow next to your Battletag name. Go to Account Settings. That will let you see a summary of the games on your account, your security settings etc.

The game license is tied to your Bnet account login (email/password). You can install your game license on any computer you want - you just have to access each device one at a time.

To install a game you have a license for install the Desktop Launcher application

Then go to the tab for the game you want - have it look for the game you want - if not already there, click the Install button.

Note: MVPs are other players, not Blizzard staff. MVPs do not represent or speak for Blizzard in any way.

I downloaded Overwatch yesterday cause it said it was free and it said my overwatch license is missing as well how do i fix this

Overwatch is not a free game. Occasionally they have trial periods like a “free to play weekend”, but if someone wants to keep playing, they have to buy a game license.