Account just vanished and no response from blizzard

can take my money in an instant but wont help get my account back

So Blizzard has a computer that handles sales… but they don’t have an army of humans standing around doing nothing and waiting for you to put in a ticket about your account being hacked.

You did put in a ticket, right ?
And you did get a ticket number, right ?

If not… that’s what you need to do.

If you did… gratz, you’re in a queue and now have to wait for your turn to come up.

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Well, payments are an automated process, and account recovery is a manual process so you need to waitin line like everyone else… and this isnt a forum for account issues so youre not helping your cynical self at all.

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this will be the 2nd account this happened too ill be upset if there is nothing that can be done

I think it’s time you take a good look at your account security – you must be doing something terribly bad for some hacker to steal two of your accounts.

You may want to spend some time reviewing the suggestions in the last part of this Support article for tips on how to protect your accounts: