Account hacked and no answer from costumer services

So my account was hacked, received a email saying my email was changed. Was not me obviously so i try to log in and i could not so my account was hacked they changed email and name. I issue a ticke k offline but did not had any email with ticket number etc on my email, and no asnwer yet after 3 days. So i open a new account with a new email just for trying to contact costumer service , issue a ticket again received the ticket number on this new email but no asnwer yet . I am desperate . Hoe is possible they are so slow on answers with such a urgent topic?

CS supports all Blizzard games, services, accounts, and payments. There have been several major game releases, ban waves, returning players, etc. Wait time is around a week right now. That is not normal…and not good. It is the current status though.

To change your email they need to be in your email account to verify it (or verify it via SMS code or authenticator) - unless they submit govt issued ID proving they are the account holder. Changing the name on the account requires legal documentation showing a name change such as court records or a marriage license. Changing the name on an account is not a simple thing to do. Blizzard does not allow the sale, trading, or gifting of accounts hence the difficulty changing the account name.

You will have to wait on your ticket. If you have not already done it, you will need your Govt issued ID showing you are the registered account holder.

I’ve had same problem with my ticket my main accounts been hacked ahead of DF and my tickets been left on opened for a week plus it’s pretty rip

my ticket has been left for 2 weeks! good luck

Got mine back after about 4 weeks. I can’t add mobile authenticator, because we have three accounts in the family, but only one phone. :frowning: