Account hacked and email changed. Cannot access it

Someone hacked my account and changed my email address and I cannot login to my own account. It happened suddenly around 4pm IST today and I have received a email for the same from Now whenever I try to login from my that account it says "there is no account for this email’. I just purchased MW 19 and Cold War after saving my money. My account was under I can provide further details also. Please help.


You are going to want to reach out to our support to get your account fixed up. Follow this link and you will be able to submit a ticket. You are going to want to create a new email address to change the original account to. As well as make sure your system has been scanned for virus’s and malware.

Hi, I am clicking on the link but it says “something went wrong”

Hi, I have submitted a ticket

hello there, i was playing vanguard and i recieved an email with some changes to my account telling me to reset my password if its not me, i closed the game and then suddenly my account won’t open saying this account does not exist, please i need your help the email that got stolen was

Hi :

Please edit your post (the pencil tool under your post) and remove your e-mail… this forum can be read by anyone with internet access.

If your Activision account was hacked, see:

If your Blizzard account was hacked, see:

Note that blue-coloured text are links…

Good luck with this.

i tried everything but nothing happened, even blizzard did not reply to my email yet, im really frustrated, any help or advice ?


Once you submitted the ticket, it can take 24 hrs or more before you are contacted by Blizzard… you’ll need to be patient.

… and you’ll need to contact Activision as well if your Activision account was hacked… see this topic on the Europe Region Classic Games Tech Support forum for a bit more details.