Account expire notice?

I have been getting emails from Blizzard saying my Diablo 2 account and characters are set to expire but I play almost every day. Can anyone help me with this? I submitted a ticket to Blizz and I was told to make a thread on here.

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I am getting the same emails , multiple times. Why is Blizzard passing this issue off to the forums. The emails are coming from “Blizzard” not from anyone on the forums, smh.

That’s just telling you when they will expire if you don’t play on them it doesn’t mean that they will It’s more like a heads up

That would make sense if I had not signed in and played them everyday. Plus the email implies the expiration is imminent but does give a date that is months away In all the years since 1998 I have been playing D2 I never got an email like this >>>> You have one or more Classic Blizzard accounts and characters on the realm USEast that are expiring soon:

Your account "ACCOUNTNAMEHERE" expires on 10/27/2020 19:56:13

Your Diablo II character "ZON_DEW" expires on 10/15/2020 06:39:30
Your Diablo II character "TRUEHEART" expires on 10/20/2020 07:03:28
Your Diablo II character "NECRO_DEW" expires on 10/20/2020 21:38:00
Your Diablo II character "MAGICKA_DEW" expires on 10/25/2020 05:54:07
Your Diablo II character "HOLY_DEW" expires on 10/26/2020 06:53:14

To refresh this account or characters and prevent their expiration, you must login to this account and characters in-game.

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