Account does not exist

hello, so basically i think my account got hacked and somehow they where able to change my account email, pass, and remove my phone number, and i’m worried because I have my personal card information on my account. I’ve opened a ticket just waiting to hear back, hopefully i get a response soon.

Hey, hamdan! Technical support can only assist with technical issues, as account and billing concerns require sensitive data, it is not handled on the forums for privacy and security concerns. Please continue to work with our customer support team to resolve and recover the account.

Once the account is recovered, it’s recommended to look through our Account Security article to secure the account to prevent this from happening in the future.

but the support team is taking forever to reply back

The wait times due to the global situation has increased quite a bit, but we are working through as quickly as possible. I hope that our team can reach you as quickly as possible to address the issue and help with recovering the account.

As stated above, we do not assist with account issues through the forums for privacy and security concerns.