Account deleted

I came back to my computer and it logged me out of my account and my name was Vishov#1480 it used to be getmyepipen#1480 but i cant log back in and ever were i go it tells me to sign in to get help but the problem is i cant and i have credit card info and if a dev sees this i can tell you the name and everthing i just want my account back because i also purchased call of duty cold war and overwatch and thats it also i have warzone

You have to use the ticket system for account issues, as they are not handled via the forum.

The same thing happened to me and its mad annoying

I can’t laugh or cry about their customer support! My Hearthstone account locked and after submitting ticket it’s been 7 hours and no response YET!!

That is not very long. I believe the ticket system quotes you a longer turnaround time than that, so it should be expected. In my experience, they answer much faster than other companies.