Account Banned,No Email?

Never cheated or hacked, wondering if my account is shadow banned or something can someone please help? And on top of that I haven’t received an email about it? If my account is under investigation I would appreciate knowing but if it’s banned for any reason I want to know why so I can prove I’ve never cheated.

If you have been suspended or banned you will get a notification when you try to log in and an email will have been sent. Please make sure to check your spam and junk folders in case your email client filtered it.

There is no way to “prove” you are innocent - in that you can’t submit anything. It is not a court of law.

Bans and suspensions are based just on Blizzard’s server logs. If you wish to appeal and have someone take another look at those logs, you can.

By any chance do you happen to use an ASUS PC? There seems to be a mass false-positive ban wave on ASUS PC users. Appeals for players using ASUS software seem to still register as hacking, even if the account never has. I think the best we can do is report the problem and hope Blizzard will listen and unban those falsely banned by this issue.

I have been banned for no reason, and still havent received an email from blizzard and i have checked my emails.
I do have an asus pc with asus software on, i would be very surprised if that would be the reason.
I also would like to know why i have been banned and the the reason for that at least.

Same, I turned on my PC and was playing with the Bots like I normally do, my movement training. Took a break to spend some time with my son, come back account showing banned. I also have a Asus GPU and Keyboard so I do have their software running on my PC. I received no e-mail as well as submitted a ticket and still no response. I spend a lot of money on my account and to loose my account for no reason. This is insane. I would like to know why my account was banned. Thanks.