Account banned, repost says closed

I attempted to log on to overwatch 2 yesterday, March 1st. I attempted to log in, but was told my account was banned. I checked my email, and found a email saying the following:
"Action(s) Taken: Account Closure

Recent activity shows your account may be compromised. We disabled this account to protect your privacy and prevent further damage.

We recommend checking our Securing a Blizzard Account article for suggestions to make it harder for someone to compromise your account."

This says nothing about a ban, and when I went to unlock my account, it did let me, and I also changed my password for good measure. However, upon attempting to log on again, it still read I was banned. If I was banned, (and Im not sure why I would be) wouldnt it send me a “account banned” type of email? Or is ‘Banned’ Simply what blizzard app shows when your account has been closed.

Is there anyway I can get my account back? I have hundred of hours and dollars put into it, it would really suck to lose all of that.

You would need to appeal the closure via ticket.

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How did you get away with posting this without blizzard silencing you on the forum? It’s against their “code of conduct” to speak that specific thing on the forum, But if you want to harass someone on chat in the game for playing so crappy, go buck wild because that is totally okay.