"Abuse of the Economy"

Today, I received a whisper from “[Blizzard] whispers: GM: Offense: Exploitative Activity: Abuse of the Economy. Please visit: gm-battle otherwise we will suspend your Blizzard Account.”

I attempted to log in via this link and it asks for my number or email address. I first attempt to log in with a number and it said, “Please enter the correct email format.” I go to my blizzard account to make sure the correct phone number is there, and I update it, didn’t need to be btw. After I log in with the email address. Then it asks me to do a security check, under it is stated “E-mail or SMS” I have still not received any email for a code or a text message. It shouldn’t be this hard for blizzard to tell me what the problem.

Also contacting blizzard for any service is a mess, I don’t even know if this is the correct place to get the help I am looking for.

Btw the "Please visit: is a link when the message was sent on the game. This will not let me copy the message they sent me…

That is a fake message designed to scam you out of your account. Blizzard will NEVER threaten you like that and make you log in to a website, esp from a link in game.

First do a full malware scan of your computer. From a computer you know to be safe, change the password on your email and your Bnet account. You would be even better off switching the email to one the scammers don’t know - a new one you use only for Blizzard games. Preferably with secondary authentication set up.

Then set up the Authenticator on your Bnet account to keep account thieves out.

You can read more about phishing scams in Blizzard games here.

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