Abuse of the Economy banned for using tsm?

i fish a lot and i use tsm and pull 1000$ a day i got a high capital to play market now im banned for using game addons way to go blizard. so wares rule book saying we cant use auction house to sell in large amounts. not even a warning nice auto ban system a person could not be this stupid to ban me for selling fish. just remove auction house from game if players cant use it for what its attended for. so all i can find so far is. i qoute

What is abuse of economy wow?

The bottom line is this: Anyone can post anything they want at any price they deem fit. Abuse of the economy often refer to using real one money to buy items in game directly: Giving someone $20 to get all the loot in a raid. and i did none of the following ive had spammers game mail me trying to sell gold and tsm toke there one copper so im i getting banned for 1 copper?

qoute . People can do whatever they want with the AH. Some people want to keep prices high. Some people like to watch the world burn and tank everything. There really isn’t anything breaking the rules going to either extreme. If the AH UI allows for it, anyone can do what they want.
i do not even have a history of direct trade or mailbox trading this is abuse of auto ban system

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No, you were not banned for using an addon. If you had been banned for the addon, you would have gotten a message saying that were banned for third party software or exploits. That is the category for software infractions.

Your warning about infractions is the game rules we agreed to. Any suspension is issued by a real person after reviewing flagging data.

Abuse of the economy means you were somehow involved in trade of in-game items or services for real life money. Gold sellers so to speak, or gold buyers. An example of gold buying using the AH is to put up a low value item for a high gold price then the gold seller buys it and the gold goes to the gold buyer. Of course, there are a ton of other ways to transfer gold.

If you feel the suspension or ban was in error, then you will need to appeal using the ticket system. The email you got should have the info in it.
Here is the article on it.

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