About Turkish Lira currency

I’m living in Turkey and nowadays our economy is too bad unfortunately. That’s why I can’t play WoW anymore, because 1 euro is equal 7 Turkish Liras. 12,99 euro is equal 83 Turkish Liras. Do you have any plan for Turkish Lira shop for Turkey (like Russia). I know in Turkey, there are too much Blizz accountant and we have passion and we love Blizz games !! And I know you will show respect us in future for our balance and Turkish Lira. We want to buy Blizz games with our Turkish Lira!! Please, we just need our own Blizz shop with our own balance. Thank you for your interest Blizz.


Living in Turkey and having same problems with Nostariel. There thousands of Hearthstone - Overwatch - Warcraft - Diablo players in Turkey ( and a few Starcraft :slight_smile: ) Blizz, please hear our voice and give us our own currency adjusted store! Thank you.

Yes blizz. We want to pay with our currency. Turk players loves you :slight_smile:

Yeah :(( Me and my close friends are also fans of your games and the amazing worlds you’ve created as Blizzard Entertainment. But we struggle to buy anything available on Battle.net because the prices aren’t set to our local standards in Turkey and we aren’t able to pay with our own currency. The pricing is so high that buying a card pack in Hearthstone is about the same price as going out to eat at a restaurant. If the store prices were easier on us like steam is offering I’m sure customers and especially fans like us would be happier

It’s 7.50 now and Blizz doing nothing.