About characters

I have problems with characters, including new ones. The first thing we start with is Domphis. I prefer old skills over new ones, including reasons. The first reason: the punch skill was not as strong as before, and this bothers me. The second reason: a skill called, I think, a power block is not enough to block attack
and hope to turn DPS

Now sojoury the attack look like soldier
and the skills is kind good
but there skill called disruptor shot
It’s similar to Zarya’s attack, but with a smaller version
and the ultimate is It’s not good or bad, but it’s better to reduce its damage

and Cassidy
is amazing attack and damage
unfortunately skill grenade i do not like it
and hope to return to old flash
the ultimate not strong enough

and character ash im very like it
Attack good skills is still same and love it

and there still are a lot of characters I want to say good or bad about them, but they still have to fix some of them and some of maps