A suggestion about Blizzard Shop purchases

Greetings. I’m currently manager of a Blizzard fan site.

As a fan community manager, I’ve regularly receiving support messages from native players. I help them as much as I can, directing them to related links in Blizzard Support site, giving them ideas about how to recover their Blizzard accounts, but some of them are upgrading their wrong WoW license on their Blizzard account, and even some of them are purchasing the game from the wrong region.

I think there should be a mechanism in Blizzard Shop that checks the visitor’s location and if they are in Blizzard Shop’s wrong region, they should be warned with a indicator that they are going to buy the game from wrong region which will cause them to experience latencies when they play on that region.

Also while upgrading their accounts from Starter Edition, many unaware players are creating a new WoW license in their Blizzard account, instead of upgrading the existing Starter Edition one. Thus when they login to the game with their non-upgraded Starter Edition licenses, they couldn’t play game with full features and get confused (you know, not all players know English very well). Similar indicator should be in the upgrade page to warn them about that they’re creating a new WoW license instead of upgrading the existing one when they are do that process.