A Really Bad "Move"

Im trying to log into the blizzard app on my new phone, and when I do it asks me to verify my log in with the Authenticator. This was never a problem in the past, EXCEPT

The “the new home for the authenticator is inside the blizzard app” Seems like someone in the dev team hasn’t really thought this through, but maybe Im missing something.

>Open Battlenet app
>Input email and password
>App attempts to Log in
>App Requests confirmation from authenticator (which is “behind the wall” of the app itself and cannot be accessed without logging in.

I need the code to open the app, which I can’t get because the code is INSIDE the app and I cannot open it.

I assume this change was made in order to allow Blizzard to keep the app on 24/7 in order to harvest user data from phones. Normally I don’t care about that stuff or how you make money form it but this is creating a legit inconvenience for me as a paying customer. I kinda questioning my need for Authenticator or the blizzard app at all at this point.

So what is the official work around for this “improvement”? How do I fix this problem?

Please help. I just wanna log in easily and play the game.

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It seems like you’re having trouble logging into the Blizzard app on your new phone because it is asking you to verify your login with the Authenticator. Previously, this wasn’t an issue for you, but now you’re finding it inconvenient that the Authenticator is located within the Blizzard app itself. You feel that someone on the development team may not have thoroughly considered this change.

It’s understandable that you might find this change frustrating if you were accustomed to using a separate Authenticator app in the past. However, consolidating the Authenticator within the Blizzard app could have been done for various reasons, such as improving user experience or enhancing security measures. By incorporating the Authenticator directly into the app, it streamlines the login process and provides an extra layer of protection for your account.

If you’re having trouble adapting to this change or if you’re encountering specific issues with the new login process, I recommend reaching out to Blizzard’s customer support. They will be in the best position to assist you and address any concerns or difficulties you may be experiencing.

Sweet Lord of all that is holy …

I am not having difficultly adjusting to this change, you condescending NPC. The change is is poorly implemented. it has nothing to do with my being accustomed to separate apps. Blizzard is requiring authentication to log into the app, authentication that is walled behind the app itself.

Ya know, I’ve been a Customer since the mid 90’s and a sub’d customer since 2003, and between this BS and the way Overwatch 2 has been handled Im starting to resent myself for giving this company money. Its such a strange thing to enjoy a product and actively hate the way Im treated as a customer.


I totally agree, the change is horribly implemented… I cannot access the app because it asks me the code from the authenticator, but the authenticator is now inside the App I am trying to access, creating a terribly frustrating loop… Please Blizzard… make this work smoothly

Exactly Faust!
This is starting to happen a little too frequently. Just speaking for myself: I think we deserve a bit more than this for not only trusting Blizzard on these issues; but for our $ as well.