8.3 Destroyed WoW for macOS/MacBook Pro users

No apologies. No accountability. No empathy. No support.
Recently back from YEARS hiatus with a heart longing to experiencing the love of the world I missed, I have been let down and my heart has been digitally trodden on in many ways.
I can’t say I was loving BFA in general, and having to catch up through Most of Cata to BFA was tedious especially because I quit because of the content I truly hated. But BFA was actually an improvement, despite some serious class overhauls that pushed me into rolling a whole new character- several really, trying to find a better fit. The release of Shadowlands trailer was so wonderful for me that I even preordered (which actually got me my BFA content to begin with!). I was finally excited about Wow which I hadn’t been since the launch of WOTLK.
Doom fell upon me (a lot of me’s, according to the related forums!), with the drop of 8.3. I felt the immense pressure of the grind which was excruciatingly unenjoyable, the ridiculous symptoms that nearly destroyed my MacBook Pro, and the lore which fell flat.
The symptoms are what made my gaming so unbearable I canceled the sub renewal. I went nearly the entire month of absolutely unplayable content: stuttering and freezing that crashed my MacBook every few minutes. Simply walking or chatting could cause these events- and if I dared to try a world boss world quest, or do a visions…I can’t even tell how many vessels I lost, how many dailies I couldn’t participate in, or how long it took me if I pushed hard enough to try and keep having to restart my computer!
First, Blizzard wouldn’t acknowledge the problem. I started to feel isolated and like this was only happening to me because my group of friends in game had their issues fixed after the first couple of micro patches immediately rolled out after 8.3.
Then after a forum was created for these symptoms, a couple weeks of chatting got us acknowledged. It started with robotic drivel, void of human emotion and empathy. No apologies, or willingness to be held accountable was blatantly detected once Intel was targeted and blamed. The bandaids offered were suggestions to quit playing (genuinely told to many of us!), or to play with the most basic diminished graphics, including zero particle density which rendered many necessary fight mechanics impossible to participate in, dailies to be completed, etc.
The most recent reply on those forums was basically a request for us to stop complaining and if we had to, we we redirected- the snark must be connected to a human after all!
The statements of leaving our subs to expire were not a threat- maybe for some they were- but for me, I genuinely want to play, and I can’t. The fact that you have taken our money and aren’t giving what we paid for and there has been refusal to refund or credit for this neglect is just incompressible to say the least.
At this point I am really at a loss for words and I feel extremely disappointed and angry.
I will not be forced into buying a different OS computer to play on, and will not accept the passing of blame and this treatment. Please have the most basic human decency and do your jobs. Please treat us with respect and provide the correct compensation for the services you have not rendered but have indeed been paid for.
Please give us back our digital joy.


Well written! I have been screaming boycott since their first response. blizz clearly no longer cares about us anymore and that’s sad and made more obvious through there interaction with us in the forum I don’t think I will ever be coming back


Couldn’t agree more. They broke the Mac experience with 8.3, and have ignored, then blew off, then blamed Intel and Apple, rather than owning their screw-up and complete lack of quality control. I cancelled my sub after multiple kernel panics, failed visions, ruined M+ runs, freezes and crashes, and a complete inability to do the content I was literally paying for - running keys, nurturing alts, raiding. And it wasn’t just the meatier content - I even hard-crashed during a pet battle…

There are over 1800 comments on the Mac tech forums, and little more than a shrug a month later, with no talk of compensation for lost time/money, or any sort of timeline or sense of urgency to fix this issue. I was enjoying BfA, and for the first time ever even pre-ordered Shadowlands, excited to get back into the game that I loved since playing the original classic/BC/WotLK years and years ago.

Now my sub is expiring, and I’m left trying to figure out how to get my pre-order money back…

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If you achieve a refund for Shadowlands please let us know! Sounds like we are in cahoots in a very game-emotional way =[