8 Hour Patch Time in 2024

I am taking this topic here instead of bombarding the in game ticketing customer service reps per their request.

As someone who has done customer service I can’t with a clear conscious keep negatively effecting their resolution rates. I bet that’s a great metric.

Anyway, it’s 2024 processing power is at an all time high, amazon doesn’t take their website down for 8 hours to publish a mass update.

You know what, I can’t think of any IT service provider (lets be real it’s time to start looking at games this way, we’re paying large amounts of money for a service) who gets 8 hours of peak traffic hours to push their updates.

Does Blizzard Activision just not have a fully fleshed out 1:1 development environment for their products?

Is their QA team underwater with other things? Is there even a QA team testing in an environment?

As much as this feels like a rant to type (I’m sure it reads like one too) why does it take 8 hours to push a simple update that should have already been fleshed out in a dev environment before hand…?

I hope someone can give me an answer here, and please don’t tell me this is a WoW forum discussion because at the end of the day most of what you’re doing is updating APIs isn’t it?

Please correct me if I’m wrong on any of this anyone, I’m here to get educated at this point.