6.66_ leveling warzone

Total dislike having to play hours and only get a fraction of a single level for the goats. I am level 40 so that leaves 55 more in 9 days. Which means I need to get 6 levels everyday to finish. You expect to sale me these levels. I’ll pay to delete your soul blizzard people of the damned. 18 games 3 games per level is 9 hours of play for these 6 levels every day for 9 days. 9 hours 9 days… yes surely going to do that or pay up.

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Blizzard does not make Warzone. Blizzard only makes the launcher. Warzone is made by Activision who controls all game content, servers, account actions, etc.

If you want to provide feedback about Warzone you need to give it to Activision. Nobody at Blizzard works at Activisioin and can’t pass on your feedback.

So since blizzard makes the launcher can you guys fix the game not launching on PC. Since the season 3 update warzone doesn’t launch like 95% of the time. Raven says they are investigating the issue, but they haven’t done anything. So since blizzard makes the launcher for warzone, can they fix this issue so people can launch and play the game?!?!?!

The only involvement the Bliz launcher has is launching CoD’s executable. If the game code fails to execute properly after that, that falls on Activision to remedy.