6 month ban for "botting/3rd party software" - Did not use any of that

I made a thread on reddit as well. My situation is exactly like that Luke guy - I absolutely did not bot or use any 3rd party software programs. It seems like blizzard doesn’t really detect anything like that and just bans based on “suspicion”. then their GMs just copy and paste answers completely disregarding any chance that they could be wrong and be dealing with a false positive like this. I absolutely know if they looked through the logs for real, they would come to the conclusion that I definitely didn’t use any bots or 3rd party programs that automate the game for me. I WANT A THOROUGH INVESTIGATION, NOT A COPY AND PASTE ANSWER.

My bnet is brolli#1703 and I’ve been wrongfully banned for 6 months with no real explanation of why. This is unacceptable.