6 hour que on benediction

Something is up. I’ve been in the que since 4 pm. Still says i have two hours untill I can get the game. My cousin logged after me and his position in the que was much better than mine. I don’t understand this. I’m paying 15 bucks a month for a game I can’t even play. For those who say transfer servers. The options given are all low pop servers which is dominated by horde. The game has been out for 15 years. They should’ve had a better solution and preemptivley tried to solve the problem. I work alot and don’t have alot of time to play. I just wanna enjoy the game. This sucks strongly considering not renewing my sub.

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This forum is for technical support on Blizzard’s Classic Games… Diablo II (2000) mostly.
From your post, I suspect the issue you are having is with WoW or WoW Classic.

If that is the case, World of Warcraft (both Retail and Classic) has its own sets of forums here:

Please post the appropriate category for any in-game issue with WoW.

Best of luck in your games !

This is nothing… my druid sat in que for 10 hours lol I gave up

KICKED OFF THE GAME AND PUT IN A QUE!!! WAS ACTUALLY PLAYING AND WAS DC’D for NO reason no loss of internet. Nothing. How can Blizz continue to offer this horrible service? Just kicking people off so what your streamers can play Asmonfail? or the others? Then no resolve with any sort of customer service. C’mon Blizz this isn’t even minimum your devolving into a trash company.

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Hi, I have been a wow player for years, I played original retail versions of the game, and now I replay them because they are so good.
Since classic is back, our guild already transfered 3 times because of population issues.
Last transfer we made was on an high populated server (Faerlina), so we would not have anymore population issues. Well, seems we were wrong. Queues on this realm can reach 5-6 hours. We are offered free transfer. Well, what will happen again if we transfer from Faerlina to another realm in couple months ? another dying realm ? We spent $$$ many times transfering from a realm to another just to solve a problem that Blizzard is resposible for it: poor realm population management. We deserved to be refunded for all of our characters transfers and be offrered unlimited free character transfers for now on. Please do something else than just taking our money. David

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i think its time for some refunds!

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