$59.99 BlizzCon package


I really love to buy the $59.99 package to receive the WoW goodies and the SC II goodies.

However, I dot really play any other games!!!

I feel i credibly wasteful to pay $59.99 just for the WoW and SC II goodies and all the other goodies for other games go into waste because I kind of do not like them and do not want to play them!! :sweat:

I would love to suggest Blizzard that I would love to customize my own package and pay less to pay for the goodies I love for WoW and SC II. The mount, etc…


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I feel the same way. I think Blizzard was banking on getting the most purchases during the hype phase of Blizzcon 2021. So, I said to myself don’t buy anything util one month has passed and the hype has gone down. I no longer feel the need to get those goodies as other more important things have occupied my attention.

Furthermore, I don’t support this business model of lumping together all franchises goodies. I think it benefits a smaller portion of the blizzard fanbase.


I don’t like to pay $59.99 for the goodies that. i don’t even bother paying attention to!

I would say I only play D and WoW. SC II rarely… :confused: