4 player Rock n Roll Racing footage, details

Can anyone please tell us where we can find footage and a detailed review of the 4-player (local) multiplayer? This will be the main reason why I’d buy the collection, but want to actually see it in action, e.g.
Is it co-op, vs or both?
Same across different platforms?
What does it look like on a 1080p screen/TV?
Anything added since SNES release, e.g. can you set a handicap for players?
For PC, how configurable are the controllers (saw another topic on this)?

Haven’t decided whether to buy for Switch or PC. I have 4 SNES knock-off controllers for PC, so that would be my preference, but want to make sure I can actually configure them (preferably without resorting to x360ce)


I only played on the PC a few times, so can’t give you a detailed review, but here is what I know:

  • I didn’t find any footage or review of the 4P mode anywhere;
  • It is 100% vs. Choose a planet, a division (4 to 7 races), a driver and then a car to play. All the cars are already fully upgraded;
  • There are minor differences across the platforms. The console versions seem to have more music and graphics options;
  • I don’t know how it looks on a TV;
  • The only handicap possible is to choose different tier cars;
  • You can remap the buttons on the PC, but I didn’t try it, so I don’t know if it is working fine.

Even though I love RRR, I was disappointed with this release. The 4P mode is not very fun right now (for me and my friends, at least), mostly because of the fully upgraded cars. All the cars have too much mines, missiles, oil etc per lap.
Another problem is that the race ends when the second player crosses the finish line. Third and fourth places are determined by their position on the track at that time, but it is a bit bugged right now and not always correct.

Blizzard has been quiet so far on this forum, so I don’t know if they have any plans to improve or fix the game. I hope they do, but for now I don’t recommend it, even if you are a big fan of RRR.

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I own the PS4 version and it looks great on a 1080p HD TV, the bigger the screen the better
If you wanna find footage of the 4 player (local) i suggest YouTube
No co-op, it is basically versus/combat (although that may change in the future with an upcoming update), the racer that obtains more victories wins the division; once you win the division the game is over, you don’t qualify or advance to the next division/planet
You can race any planet division with any of the five available vehicles
You don’t earn money to upgrade/improve your vehicle 'cause they are already fully upgraded, you just need to win the race, again the racer that obtains more victories wins the division
Is it the same across different platforms? it should be
I haven’t seen handicap for players
Concerning the SNES knock off controllers for PC, i couldn’t tell if they are compatible with the game
You can listen to the real licensed songs/CD music or switch to chip soundtrack, in my PS4 version the default chip music option is the SNES soundtrack
Hope that helps

Have a good day

Thanks mate,
I couldn’t find anything on YouTube though. Could you point me to one video? Am I missing something?


I think you should buy it, the game runs smooth, great conversion, perfectly ported, flawless emulation
I have enjoyed this game more than some current generation racing games
It is so fun and addicting
And 4 player mode should add some thrills
There are some bugs but an overall great experience, and the gameplay feels a little bit tighter than its original 16 bits counterparts
I just wish Blizzard would fix all the glitches and add more songs
Aside that, you won’t be disappointed and you won’t regret it
I own the PS4 version and i can not stop playing it
It seems it is difficult to find 4 player mode footage now