30 Random Friends Added

Logged into the app today and there are about 30 random names I don’t recognize. All of them say they have been my friends since 2015, although the months vary between like May and September.

I checked my account security, and the only logins are me in the app and me in the website checking the security. Also, since it says they have been there since 2015, I doubt it was a security breach.

There is one name that seems a little familiar, but that could be a coincidence, since there are 30 of them… I checked some profiles. Some are mutually friends with each other, some aren’t. It seems like they all play or played Hearthstone, which I was playing back in 2015.

Also, it’s possible I had them on my friends list way back then but have forgotten who they are. Either way, I certainly didn’t add them recently and they weren’t on my friends list until I just logged in, despite saying they’ve been there since 2015.

I’m in the process of removing them one-by-one.