24 hours 2 tickets 2 accounts no response!

Two days ago my main overwatch account was banned for ‘compromised acc’ because I let my brother in canada use my account. I made two tickets and have gotten no response on either of them. I have loved blizzard for years, and I feel like i’m being ignored here. This account was my summer enjoyment and blizzard just took it away from me. My freind made a short ticket on my behalf and in 6 hours a game master essentially said, “nah we banned you and we wont tell you why”. Please can anyone offer me some light in what to do next. I’ve been so depressed and I just want sit in a corner and cry at this point.

This is typical Blizzard customer service action. They banned my accounts for using keyboard input syn software for 6 months without any warning in advance, but days ago they said in this forum that use of such software is allowed and “cool”.

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