2020 Nano cola?

Id like to see the nano cola skin in 2020 because i wasnt around in 2019 and badly want the nano cola skin but all skins from one specific year says the year except for mercy skin pink, i dont know much about that but i like the fact that its to represent a cancer charity. I just basically never got the nano cola skin but it doesnt say a specific year so will it come out in the future? I must know andive tried changing my xbox date but it doesnt work anymore and i only wanted to see if it worked but it didnt, if a developer of the game sees this it would be so helpful so they can know i would like it back, if anyone knows anything about it coming in 2020 please tell me, im on xbox btw if that helps.

This is a forum for discussion of Blizzard’s API, used to develop apps and websites. I’m not sure what forum you’re after but your post won’t reach its target audience unless you post on one related to your game. :slight_smile:

It was related to my game, i was talking about overwatch Nano cola skin, i was just saying it would be amazing if the event was out again, so many people have missed it including me and id like a way i can buy the pink mercy skin to give money to charity while getting a skin in the process, thank you for answering my post thou.

You’re in the wrong forum. Completely the wrong forum.