16 days, 16 hours average wait time ticket?

What kind of customer support is that? I just did all the recommended steps to try n fix my problem on the related articles regarding my problems with updating battlenet’s games, nothing worked and then i opened a ticket and today i go and see that the average wait time for a response is SIXTEEN DAYS AND SIXTEEN HOURS? What a downgrade, i remember when this company was actually praised for its customer support, now not only do we often get bots answering, sometimes people who dont even read your ticket properly and instead link you to wowhead until you complain again and now this absurd wait time? Even f2p games/services do a better a job.

I mean, im lucky i found an work around(that has its problems too, so i still need the support), but what if i didnt and couldnt update n play the games i paid for during this 16 days? Would i get a refund of at least half the monthly fee i pay on WoW and what about the other paid games?

Shame on you, as years passes by the supports gets worse and worse and by the looks of it, im not the only one complaining about that long wait time