11 accounts of me and people I know got unfairly banned

Greetings to everyone … If you want to read the important stuff in this post just read the emphasized text like this one to save your time

This is the first time I am posting here and I am an Arabic native so I tried my best to pick the right words and I tried to cut it short as possible.

I’ve been playing overwatch for 6 years now, it’s not just a game for me. I am working currently because of it, I’ve made my best relations with the best people I know in my life on this game.
you get the point.

Suddenly 4 days ago I got my 6 years and valuable overwatch account banned @Alraqi#2556 for no obvious reason, not only me, my friends too @Rck5#2445 have two accounts that got banned both at the same time ( 2023/4/6 5:32 AM ) Iraq time zone, my friend @HsU5#2317 got banned too and he never played overwatch in 3 months
and 6 more people I know got banned too at the same time. all at the same minute without a reason, some of them never met the others or played with them.

I tried to contact Blizzard’s support and explain everything but you know, you usually get a copy-paste answer that tells you we checked and confirmed that you violated Blizzard’s ( code of conduct ) policy without mentioning the exact cause. I don’t know about my friends but I read all the article and ban reasons and I am 100 percent sure I never violated any of the points mentioned, I was very careful and mindful of what I said or did.

my guess, It’s an automated ban that banned us all at once, and I am sure there are other affected accounts too all banned by mistake, I hope that anyone here has an idea of what happened and gives me an explanation, these banns has to be reversed soon.

If these banns not reversed this is just means (a Blizzard account is just not safe for your money if it gets an automated ban just like this and no one double-checks or pays attention or held accountable for the unjustified ban ).

TY for your time <3


This is weird… must be a region reason or smth? Hope overwatch is not that racist lol


It must be a problem for sure.
I hope things turn out well for you guys.

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German here and I got banned on the 11th too. Three tickets in they told me the cause was using of third party software. Several tickets later, they told me it could be any program that was running in the background, that was not authorized by bliz. Yay. :neutral_face:

We already know about banwaves, so they ban the accounts on a fix date way after the violation happend so its very hard to me to narrow down the root of the problem.

I guess on the 11th was a banwave and we triggerd it somehow. Could be that while I’ve been in the OW Menu I started WoW (which loaded addons) to look up something quickly. That could’ve already triggered anticheat because of programs that manipulate or have an impact on the game (addons). But it was never a problem in OW1.

Same thing happened to many of us. Blizzard don’t care about it tho, but if we all stand together, maybe we could achieve something. Tech support told us to report it as a bug so i made a topic there. Since i can’t post links delete the () https(:)//us(.)forums.blizzard(.)com/en/overwatch/t/falsely-banned-accounts/807864

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The same thing happened to me the other day! Support refuses to listen to me.

They don’t want to admit that their new anti-cheat system is horribly flawed.

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Bump, 5 months later. Also happened on the 11th of September, but I was just banned for “hacking”. I’ve never done such a day in my life and have been playing this game for 7 years even spending money on it. Why would I risk all of that? Only an automated message was responded to my ticket claiming they looked into it, they are right, and the decision is final. I think I was just mass reported. What an ez way to run off your playerbase.

Hello there, I also recently got banned for “hacking” even though I myself have never hacked. I put in a ticket, got a copy and paste response. I then did chat support, the person over chat was much more helpful, they pushed my ticket forward to some specialists for further review. Fingers cross I get my account back. Try the chat support, speaking to a human may help

Hi, you’re not alone.

Apparently, someone target free to play games in Blizzard who not purchase in-game stuff. But, it’s unfairly practice and they don’t clearly explain who, what, and why causes the ban. They just use the code of conduct as reference.

Has anyone received in-game mail in diablo immortal on survey related XMP service ?
Well… After completed the survey, I received email notices of Diablo immortal banned related to code of conduct violation. It’s very weird. I submit a ticket to requested a transcript and refused by Game Master.
So, ban remain as is. I really don’t know what’s going on.

Hello! I’m new here. So i was playing CoD and a bunch of Kids reported me because of “hacks” and now my account is under review unfairly for 2 week. I never haved used any kind of cheats on my life. So while my account is back, i created a New account to play with some friend and one of them told me that this account could be banned or my pc components.

I can’t find any of that so i was wondering if that is true and if i should Just wait

Yeah, blizzard’s support team is terrible.

Don’t expect much realistic feedback or support from anyone real. The responses you will receive are more than likely going to be the automated replies with the guidelines thrown at you. Also, don’t expect them to specify which guideline you violated because that is just unreasonable in the eyes of the support team. Expect to be ignored and expect a lack of reasonable communication. That is what I have gathered from blizzard’s support team.

Please, be careful with how much money and at what time you spend money in these games. You never know when a random suspension will affect your battle pass progress and it would be terrible to miss out on items that already cost money. A banned account would be worse because everything spent on that account would be an empty purchase.

Seems to me like blizzard just wants to rob people of their money by forcing gamers to make new accounts that will result in more money being spent. If this is not the case, then why wouldn’t the support team just communicate with their gamers and actually provide sound support.

Just got banned today on all CODs. I’m not particularly toxic and I don’t know how to use cheats nor would I. I have absolutely no idea. I have no email even giving me the WHY of me getting banned. I submitted an appeal but have no idea what else to do.