🐞 Battle.net download throttling bug

I was told to move this to the bug report forum.

I tried to see if I had the same issue and I don’t :confused: you doing something specific?


  1. Uninstall Hearthstone if you have it installed. (It is the smallest game to download)
  2. Set your Network Bandwidth/ latest update limit to 1000 kb (1mb/s).
  3. Start downloading hearthstone.
  4. Note the CPU usage of Agent.exe.
  • On my machine it reports around 12%. I have an 8 core cpu (4 hyperthreaded), so 100% / 8 = 12%. It is pegging a single core.
  1. while hearthstone is slowly downloading at 1MB/s change the limit back to 0 kb (unlimited).
  2. Note the CPU usage of Agent.exe
  • On my machine it drops to about 1%, and the cpu fan becomes quiet (which is why I noticed the problem in the first place).

I would be very surprised if someone else doesn’t experience the same thing. I have reproduced this behavior on three different machines.

Same here. I am updating my COD MW.
In the night time, cpu fans are making white noises because of the update agent that takes about 30% CPU usage ( i5 - 4690 )…
The CPU usage goes down to less than 6% as soon as I set download speed limit to 0.