New Player Experience

Hello, everyone.
So, I reached my goal of staying in the top 1500 legend in NA (currently 700). And since we now get free good decks, I decided to start playing on the asian server as well, but have been facing a few issues:
1 - We don’t get the free deck right away. This means we have to play with the classic cards and the ones we eventually open from packs.
2 - There are FOURTY ranks we need to go through to not be considered a newbie and finally get the free deck.
3 - The matchmaking system is crazy. I (as a rank 30 apprentice) have been facing tier 1 decks ALL THE TIME.
So, these 3 factors combined make playing Hearthstone SUUUUPER tiresome and frustrating. I already love the game and am very invested in it, but I’m saying this because of actual factual new players. I honestly can’t imagine a new player sticking to the game after having this experience. I got tired of feeling underwhelmed, so I put some money in the game to get started and climb out of this hell. But new players probably won’t, they’ll just quit. My suggestion is: fix 1 of these 3 issues and it should get pretty smoother for them. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Hello, this is the brazilian hearthstone forum. You either speak in portuguese or a lot of people won’t understand what you are saying.

Po, valeu por avisar. Nem me liguei que me jogaram automaticamente pro BR, vou tentar postar no gringo!

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