Zul’jin guild <Officer Chat> looking for back-up raiders and casuals


Officer Chat is currently working it’s way through Mythic Castle Nathria with a good team of twenty, but we could always use more people! If you’re ok with being a back-up in case one of the main raiders can’t make it that night or you just wanna come to our heroic night raids we’d love to have you!

Officer Chat is currently 10/10 heroic and 6/10M, and trying to find people who vibe with the community we’re building. While our main goal is to push CE content, we’re looking for individuals who also want to hang out and be friends outside raid. If this sounds like something you’d enjoy I encourage you to reach out to me on Discord to discuss trialing with us, or if you have any questions.

Not looking to mythic raid but looking for a family-like home? We have weekly events dedicated to things like M+ pushes, RBGs, and even alternate game nights including TFT and among us! We’d love for you to join us, even if you aren’t a raider! Officer chat is welcoming to individuals from all walks of life, but please, be 18+. Our goal is to cultivate a non-toxic environment where a family can progress together. LGBTQ+ Friendly, good vibes only, anti-racism, and zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment. Catboys (and Catgirls) will get express entry.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Raid times are Tuesday/Wednesday from 11pm-2am Eastern Time or 8pm-11pm Pacific Time. Optional Raid Fridays.
discord : Lilith#0372