Zovaal the Jailer’s gender-confused soul

The Jailer is canonically male given lore descriptions and how he and the other eternals refer to him as a “brother”. Since the Jailer is male, why and how was the Arbiter female – the Attendants clearly state the Arbiter was female, including her herald Tal-Inara’s “With her voice I have spoken” phrase - when she was made from a piece of the Jailer’s soul?

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If I had a job, and then I was fired from that job, and someone new who just happened to be the opposite gender was given my job, I would not be gender confused lol.

First of all, it’s not a soul. It’s a sigil. A sign of power. Each Eternal One has one, and Zovaal was no exception. He was simply stripped of his.

Secondly, the Arbiter is a construct. The Arbiter was created specifically for the purpose of executing judgesouls.exe. She’s not a real Eternal One.

Why make her female then? It may’ve been to distinguish more clearly between her and Zovaal? It may have been an arbitrary decision, just “yeah whatever she’s female lol”? It may have been a balancing act given that there’s 3 male Eternal Ones and only 2 female ones? It may’ve been Steve Danuser accidentally pressed R when he wrote “he” and just sort of kept it? Who knows.

But I don’t think the soul itself is A: a soul at all, or B: gender confused lol.


The Arbiter was made from a piece of the Jailer’s soul. The Primus reveals this at the end of the Chains of Domination campaign during “What Lies Ahead”.

Anima, not soul

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That makes sense. Thank you for clarifying.

The Jailer’s anime


Have you ever heard of Carl Jung’s concept of Anima/Animus?

Jung described the animus as the unconscious masculine side of a woman, and the anima as the unconscious feminine side of a man, each transcending the personal psyche. Jung believed a male’s sensitivity is often lesser or repressed, and therefore considered the anima one of the most significant autonomous complexes. - (google because I’m too lazy to explain it myself)

It seems like the wow devs have knowledge of this and applied it to Zorvall and the Arbiter. She is literally the projection of his Anima. This makes me love the story and the writing even more! the writers know their stuff.

It makes sense considering all the WoW Universe is based on concepts of Duality.



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Yeah it’s this.

It’s a lazy Jung reference that has odd implications because of modern queer discourse.

Construct made from Zovaal’s anima (which is the energy of ones soul) and sigil is a girl, or more precisely, a robot/construct that uses she/her.

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Can you expand on this? I’ve never heard of this before.

Queer discourse is different here, since there is less prejudice.

So Jung had anima = feminine unconscious of men, while animus = masculine unconscious of women

In Latin (and theology), anima = the “living” soul (i.e. the soul all living beings have, the inherent quality of being alive), while animus = the “rational” soul (i.e. the soul all Intelligent beings have, aka only humans if you’re Abrahamic).

In WoW, anima = the energy of one’s soul generated from life. However, in WoW, gender is not only non-fixed in terms of one’s body (because magic), but neither one’s soul. You can transition to a different gender in death.

This is different from IRL where Abrahamic theology generally agrees that while our bodies have gender, our souls do not have gender. Nor do angels, nor demons, nor other spiritual beings. Souls are genderless.

IRL queer theory is varied in this regard because obviously some queer theorists are strictly atheist (there is no soul to speculate wrt gender) and others are religious or believe in dualism in some capacity (Body vs Soul, or Body vs Soul vs Mind, or Mind as Bridge between Body and Soul, etc).

But some Queer Theology takes the Christian principle that the Soul is the Form of the Body (in the Platonic sense) and states that if the Body is produced from the Form of the Soul of the person, thus the Soul does have gender in some capacity. Other Queer Theology considers that it is the Soul that rules over the Body and thus Trans people have X gender souls inside Y gender bodies. Etc etc etc.

Likewise we are told that the Sigils are inherently tied to both the Covenants and the Eternal Ones; they are the essence of the Eternal Ones and their Covenants. Ergo why Revendreth’s could be made by the 7 Medallions, for they each contain the essence of Denathrius.

So Zovaal’s sigil (his essence) and anima (the energy of his soul) produced a feminine construct.

Meaning Zovaal, who is materially he/his in the story, has the energy and essence of his soul create a she/her construct.

So it leads to some awkward conclusions if you think about it.


Now was not the time for Blizzard to try and be smart… by having a male psyche consume its female psyche; before grabbing a part of a female soul it was keeping for nefarious purposes, to throw back at the female it took it from, to hurt her - IN ONE SCENE.


I don’t think it was intentional per se

More of a Freudian slip that allows us to glimpse the psychology of the writing team.


I think you guys are putting more thought into this than Blizzard did.


I mean, yes, but we are simply analyzing what they created.

A she/her gendered construct was produced from he/his Zovaal’s sigil (his essence, his purpose) and anima (the energy of his soul).

Lots 2 unpack.

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This awkwardness could’ve been avoided if Blizzard had hired a theologian in developing this expansion :slight_smile:

or did meaningful research on metaphysics :slight_smile:


From Jung to Freudian slips, how the falls progress.

But yes, it is a glimpse…into the culture of the workplace, also.

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To be blunt, they likely gave the Arbiter a gender so as to try and make her more personified as opposed to just a ‘thing’ that needed to be repaired. So they made their afterlife robot a goddess entity. Hell, they probably didn’t even originally plan for the origin to be that the Pantheon made her, that was done on the fly.

They already had a male god entity missing/out of commission in the form of the Runecarver’s arc, so they made the Arbiter female.

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Runecarver was always the Primus, they just wanted 3 and 3 gender divide.

Mind you, they could’ve gone Full Abrahamic and had Kyrestia be they/them, since IRL theology agrees Angels do not have gender, so they couldn’t be mad about it in Russia or whatever because this is Correct Teaching that the Orthodox Church agrees upon.

And they could’ve had the Primus be similarly more skeletal with a spooky voice with multiple layers, and thus goes by he/him or she/her or they/them, because they are The Primordial Necromancer Of The Dawn Of Time and what is gender to a skeletal being that existed before the first mortal died and became a skeleton

But again, no theologian on the team :slight_smile:

And the reality is, logic stands: Zovaal’s essence and zovaal’s soul energy produced a woman construct.

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I think the implication was that they made the construct first, fashioned it to be female, and then used his essence as fuel. If you siphon gas from a car and put it in a truck, the car doesn’t become a truck.

Many constructs in Warcraft identify as female, regardless of what powers them.

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