Zen Flight

I’m sure this has been said many times, but only by keep saying it can we actually see change.

Zen flight needs to be the same speed as flight speed. Doesn’t make sense that this has such a slow speed as it’s just the monks version of flight form.

Do do some lucrative markets I do quite a bit of old content farming and having the ability to gather whilst ‘mounted’ is nice. I could cut some serious time off not having to mount after every gather.

I’m to the point where I am actually measuring mounting vs. just zen flight to see which is actually faster.

In addition I’d love to see a glyph that changes the pose you do while in Zen Flight, the sitting pose doesn’t look quite right. especially when moving at sharp angles.

It’s time for change. 10.1 is the time!


For a short time during alpha mop it was basically just flight form, druids cried, it was changed to the superior version that was immune to turtle shells, then for some reason it was changed to the break from just combat in WoD.

They at least need to add the ability to slow fall with it in none flying zones

Only one obvious choice


They could just edit out the disc from the Lorewalker mount and make it just the clouds.

Zen flight should be max speed and instant cast but have the draw back of breaking on enough damage in combat.

The current zen flight could be rebranded as zen journey and be limited to the ground.

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Yes please. I’d love if they finally updated zen flight!