Zelda Breath of the Wild


Do you like the Switch overall as a gaming platform? What other good games do you recommend for it?


Oh ya I feel the same way too! Was a little let down on the dungeons in BOTW, but it’s still a good game.

A bit off topic, but I feel the same way about the new Tomb Raider games lol. Don’t get me wrong, they are pretty good games and I don’t regret buying them. But they are really missing the dark scary “tombs” feel of the original games


Super Mario Odyssey


I’ll get that for sure. Thanks!


I thought it was a fantastic game. And for me, I love the switch. If I can play a game on the switch, even if it’s available elsewhere, I’d rather play it on the Switch. Portability and convenience. :+1:


thanks for the responses!


Thats a funny way to say Ocarina of Time…


All weird ways to say Twilight Princess.


Honestly, there aren’t any bad ones are there? Haha. Nice job over the years Nintendo.


Not particularly IMO. It’s a bunch of little shrines you have to solve a couple of puzzles to get spheres which you can turn into hearts or other stats.

There’s a lot of exploration though, which definitely can be fun if you like those kinds of games - you can find things in every nook and cranny, tons of things, you can craft food, and you have to strategize what your equipment is like for the zone and encounters you face. In the end, it’s a really fun game and I enjoyed it, but it does not scratch the MMO itch for me.


I go Ocarina --> BotW —> Link to the past


I found it to be an excellent, immersive, experience. It’s a lovely world.

While I never finished the game it left a strong impression that was well worth the purchase price.


Lots of people think it’s absolutely amazing; like, I’ve heard people say it’s one of the best games of all time. Its content is also very kid-friendly (no scary or sexy stuff) although depending on how old your kids are they might have a tough time with the gameplay mechanics.

To me its more of a technology demo or proof of concept for emergent gameplay. There’s a crazy number of intuitive, but still surprising, interactions that the game allows. Like how you can sneak up on a camp of sleeping enemies and tie balloons to their weapons and watch them all float away. Or give the enemies metal weapons in the middle of a thunderstorm so they get zapped by lightning. This kind of deep experimentation is usually what I see cited as the reason the game is so amazing.

That said I found it marred by too many frustrations, mostly centered around the godawful (and constant) inventory management. Weapons have such low durability that you’ll often find yourself breaking 4 or 5 of them during a single non-boss fight. Couple this with the fact that you only get a few weapon inventory slots (which are also shared with your non-weapon utility items like torches) and it seems like you spend more time shuffling things into and out of your inventory than you do actually playing the game. I also hated the food system which you spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with.

As other posters have alluded to, the world is broad, not deep. The “dungeons” such as they are just really minor puzzles for the most part. There are only 4 dungeons with bosses. IMO the game could have really improved if they had added more traditional Zelda elements and fewer “realistic” ones.

All that said, simply because of its uniqueness and kid-friendliness I think it would be a pretty safe buy. You might not finish it but I bet you’ll get your money’s worth.