Zelda Breath of the Wild


Anybody play this game? Might get a switch for my kids this Xmas and was thinking of trying this game. Any opinions on it are welcomed.


It’s a pretty good game. Better vanilla wow experience than Classic is tbh.


Don’t you mean “Gift of the Wild”?


thats what I was wondering. Does it scratch the same kind of itch that WoW does?


It’s fun at the beginning but has no endgame, a very small amount of dungeons, and you become OP quickly.


It has all the adventure, epic exploration, boss battles and loot that wow has, but gets rid of the toxic aspects of the community. It also has Sidon.


I like being OP


It’s a great game. Depending on what you like it could provide many hours of game time.


thank you Dot!


You become OP quickly in all the zelda games TBH lol.

If you’re a zelda fan or buying for a zelda fan, it’s a fantastic game and you shouldn’t be disappointed. For me personally I rank it #2 in my top zelda games. #1 for me is Link to the Past :wink:


It’s a Zelda game, so that’s not really the point. It’s about exploration and story.


I’ve only played one Zelda game before on the Wii. It was pretty great as I remember.

I like being OP because I’m a pretty bad gamer.


it’s a zelda game with dark souls esque fights, weapons and shields that take damage and break (and can’t be repaired), with hordes of mini 3 minute dungeons and lacking the longer style dungeons that made the franchise what it was.

despite all this, it was a very good game, but yeah, i missed real dungeons and hope the sequel brings them back.

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Haven’t played it - but from what I’ve read its the best Zelda since the N64 one. Mario Odyssey is fantastic too. Both games got rave reviews.


I got bored of it in about 5 hours. It didn’t feel like Zelda at all.

Kids wouldn’t know the difference though so they might enjoy it.


it was zelda meets dark souls meets sand box. it had its goods and bads, but yeah, i agree completely about it not quite having that standard zelda feel that i grew up loving.


Perhaps it is my fault for having expectations of what a Zelda game is. I might have even enjoyed it a lot if it had any name other than Zelda.


I’m a huge fan of all the Souls games and Bloodborne so would enjoy that element.

Souls games are my all time favorites, particularity Bloodborne


I STRONGLY recommend Zelda: Links Awakening for the Switch. Its a remake of an old gameboy game, and easily on par w/ the Super Nintendo Zelda. It has two modes (Easy / Hard). Very fun game. Lots of little secrets that keep me playing it.


definitely agree with you there. i’m not sure i’m gonna buy the sequel (unless they announce ACTUAL dungeons).