Zappy Boy for the Alliance

Ammm… Blizzard, can we have our own Zappyboy in the Alliance? I mean, you even create a NPC cinematic for a random new character… come on.


You got Wrathion, didn’t you?

We never get a turn with wrathion

Bolvar looks like he’s a driving force so I’d say he will have most of the spot light

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Alliance: More demigods and and important powerful lore characters than they really need.

Horde: a pile of warchief/hero corpses and a regular troll shaman.

Alliance: “we want that too!”


You got T’paartos.


You have Flynn Fairwind; he’s very cool.


Sure. We’ll get a Dwarf Mage who blasts the heck out of some Horde leader and Horde soldiers in a cinematic. Blasty-Boi.

Sorry but who is this “zappy. Boy”?

Probably referring to Thrall.

Zappy belongs with us. So do Baine and Thrall.

I hope he shows up again. He’s only in the lightforged recruitment quests :cry:

Flynn and Zappy boy need to have there own cinematic in shadowlands

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If he shows up all the wars end.

I agree, and Flynn especially; Zappy is already a star, Flynn needs his time to shine.

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Anduin is potentially the closest.

You got Anduin Boi…, he’ll, he’s even got a pet worgen named Genn! What more could you ask for?!

From the title I thought this post was going to be about Zekhan switching sides to the alliance or something and I was going to lose my mind. Leave us and our 3 not-dead important trolls alone.

I’m still just angry that the nightelves get genocided, and Saurfang gets 5 high quality cinematics over it, meanwhile Tyrande and malfurion, the ones leading the race that just got wiped out, just get an ingame cutscene.

Lol dream on.