Zandari Unlock Reqs Spread between 2 chars


Supremely confused. So I was a 120 Alliance with Kul Tourist and max Rep with all factions. I recently swapped and kept the rep. I did my war campaign and killed Jaina last night.

For unlocking the Zandalari I see that I need Zandalar Forever!. I just recently got this achievment on my Alt.

So main: War campaign / rep Alt: Zandalar Forever!

Do I meet the unlock requirements?


By swapped I mean swapped to horde obviously. This is the Horde Toon with the Rep. I have Zandalar Forever! but it was earned by an Alt.


I was led to believe that we needed Zandalari at Exalted to have access to the race but that only one character on an account needed it. If I’ve mistaken your questions, apologies.


I probably wasn’t clear. I am exalted with Zandalari on my main with the war campaign up to date. Zandalar Forever! is the story achievement for the main zones. I completed this on an ALT. I wanted to make sure that my main would be able to complete the unlock of the Allied Race even though Zandalari Forever! was completed on an alt.


Oh, that’s a good question. I’ve only ever done allied race stuff on one character, but I’m going to take a wild guess and say you probably have to complete the rest of the requirements on the one with the rep.

(Tiridan) #6

You can head to the Orgrimmar Embassy on the PTR to check and see if you meet the requirements