Zandalari Unlock / Mount


It seems I am unable to complete the unlock quest for Zandalari if I have race changed a character to Zandalari and played it already.

Tides of Vengeance achievement prereq does not register with the Zandalari in the embassy. It is still greyed out and shown as not complete.

I wanted to test out their racial mount, as I have been told thats the only other mount besides bikes that the Zandalari can ride.

Is there some other way to go about this? Or am I screwed since I race changed before I did the unlock?

(Svenska) #2

Pretty sure you’re screwed. Like me. :frowning:

(Albricksen) #3

It’s “working as intended” as the achievement for having Zandalari Trolls unlocked prevents the unlock quest from ever being available again on your account.

What might be unintentional is the achievement unlocking by logging in as a Zandalari or Kul Tiran character and unlocking said achievements that block access to the unlock quests.


But then again, that is also “working as intended” as the completion of the achievement precludes the creation of a new race.

Though for the PTR’s sake, they should at least make that achievement character specific.