Zandalari or Goblin rogue?


I cannot decide which would be better. Right now I have an undead 110 and just HATE their appearance. Rogue mogs imo are already pretty bad, and undead do them no favors.

So I was thinking of levelling a zand for the armor (probably won’t ever use it though + they are my favorite race now), or level a goblin because they fit the theme more. A tiny little guy cuttin ankles all day. Sounds pretty cool. But mogs also don’t tend to look that great on small character models/they are hard to see.



I really like the zandalari animations.
The 4% crit racial is strong
Cloak+vanish Los and heal to full with regenerating is super good to against anything without a bleed.


if you’re thinking of race changing because your undead isn’t cool enough, I don’t think goblin is the answer.


Goblins have the most alpha stealth animation


Goblin, just feels right

(Mysterypants) #6

The betrayal, Undead are Rogues point blank!


Lol you may have a point there… I have a weakness for small characters in games. It’s just a shame that the armor usually doesn’t stick out like it does on tall characters.


Go female orc


Both are gross. IMO of course.